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  • Build up your Chuggington StackTrack train collection with this motorized Brewster and the Rocky Round Up Set.

  • Watch as Brewster climbs up steep inclines, ready to clear the tracks of falling rocks and rush through the tunnel.

  • When he gets back to the top, he'll trigger the boulder to come crashing down from the arch!

  • 2 x AAA required

  • Build, expand and rearrange: connect this set to other Chuggington StackTrack sets to create giant layouts.

  • Chuggington is an action-packed contemporary animated train series for pre-schoolers that follows the exciting adventures of three young trainees: Wilson, Brewster and Koko. In each energetic, vibrant episode, the trainees ride the rails through the world

    Box Contains

    1 x motorised Brewster; 2 x ascending curved track; 1 x curved track; 1 x curved tunnel; 2 x straight track; 3 x single risers; 1 x boulder

    Chuggington Rocky Round Up Cargo Car-B00TV0SU5M